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Four Books That Are WAY Under appreciated That You Should Definitely Read

There are always some books that are trending or are really popular at the moment, and they are (more often than not) pretty good books. But somehow, these people manage to leave out some absolutely insanely fantastic ones, which is just weird. So here is a list of the books I think should be way more popular.

1) The School For Good and Evil - this WHOLE series, written by Soman Chainani. Also a good series if you like Harry Potter but don't like J. K Rowling. Same sort of concept; two girls that have no idea how to use magic or even that it actually exists are taken to a magical school, but the twist is that all students are students of fairy tales.

2) The Poet X - Elizabeth Acevedo. Okay, this one isn't so under appreciated; it was shortlisted for and won the Carnegie Medal, but other than that I've never heard of it. Absolutely beautiful book, written in all poems which I love love love. Xiomara is a young black poet, struggling with racism, religion and family. The Poet X is also LGBTQIA+ inclusive. Five stars.

3) Enchantée - Gita Trelease. Stunning YA period drama. Set in the Age of Enlightenment, at the beginning of the French Revolution. Can I tell you, I was seriously entranced with this novel. It's one of those where you wish you could read it for the first time again. I really love it when books mix realism with fantasy, which is exactly what this one does. The only slight problem I had was with the ending, but the end of the ending was good, if that makes sense.

4) The Woman in Black - Susan Hill. Most people think of this as a classic, and it is but only in the sense that it is a timeless, iconic piece of work, ike the way David Bowie's Space Oddity will always be a classic. The Woman in Black was actually written in the 1980s. It's only about two hundred pages long, you can read it nice and quickly. If you love ghost stories, this is definitely the one for you. This contains all the defining characteristics of gothic-ness. Amazing.

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